Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Humble Cheeseboard

I can't tell you how many times I have been saved by throwing together a quick cheeseboard at the last moment. Equally at home at a formal affair or a night of sports tv with the guys, allow me to share just a few of the many virtues of this ancient rustic spread.
  • It keeps people occupied if dinner is taking longer than expected to prepare.
  • If you have surprise guests, it helps the main meal stretch further by acting as a filling appetizer.
  • It's quite easy to keep the makings of a cheeseboard on hand all the time. Some ideas might include: at couple varieties of cheese, simple crackers, nuts, bread, spicy meats, dried and fresh fruit, veggies, apple butter, jam, chocolate...
  • Everyone loves a good cheeseboard and can find something on it they can eat - even people with allergies and/or special diets.
  • There's hardly any prep involved - especially if you buy pre-sliced/pre-cubed cheese, or just place a knife beside the wedge and let people slice their own.
Besides entertaining, a cheeseboard is also a delicious and simple option to take on a picnic, road trip, or plane ride!

Do you enjoy cheeseboards? What are some of your favorite ingredients to include?


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