Hi there-- welcome to my blog!

I'm Kristin, and for as long as I can remember, I've loved to write. Over the years I have had many online homes, but am especially excited about the fresh start that this space embodies.

Here at Windy Poplars you will find the beautiful...the simple...the delightful things of life. I hope your visits lift your spirits, inspire, and encourage you!

I live on 3 acres, by a brook, in Virginia, with my beloved husband Jesse. We have two furbabies, our rescued Bichon Frise puppies: Chester and Caroline.

 Because we all love a good bullet point list...

I am:

*A ballerina, who is excessively clumsy
*A healthy clean-eating advocate, who craves double cheeseburgers and can out-eat anybody when it comes to BBQ sandwiches
*A worrywart, who is married to someone who swings from trees all day
*A play-it-safe, risk taker
*A girl who doesn't like exercise, but is a fitness instructor
*A chronic list maker, who has trouble staying on task

*I like to start sentences with the words “and” and “so”
*I am passionate about passionate marriages
*I believe God created, died for, and sustains me
*I quote quotes on a regular basis
*I love all things vintage and old fashioned
*I adore snail mail
*I am a devoted Harry Potter fan
*I change my bedsheets twice a week

And really...what more could you possibly want to know?! ;-)

Thanks for stopping by...my readers are so very dear to my heart.


  1. Just found out about your new space! Why the change? And what happened to the old one? I am wayyyy behind on reading and commenting, but I am sure I've been to your other blog since March....Love the new space!

  2. i love this! i am also a list maker but have trouble actually crossing things off on time.....you have such a lovely blog! thank you for stopping by mine :) i am excited to keep reading yours!

  3. Hi Kristin -- I'm just curious... does your blog name have anything to do with Anne of Windy Poplars? I love that book, and all things L. M. Montgomery. Her aesthetic seems similar to yours so I just wondered if there is any connection.


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