Monday, May 27, 2013


We spent a poignant evening at the DDay Memorial on Saturday. The small rural county that we live in (that houses the memorial) lost the most men per capita of any battalion that landed on Omaha Beach. What a wonderful tribute the program was for all of the brave men and women who have given their lives to secure our freedom throughout history. 

Regardless of how much or how little you agree with the current politics of our land, after recently traveling abroad, our perspective has shifted more to all that our country DOES  have right, instead of all that it doesn't.

The gifts of freedom and liberty mean that we won't always agree, but they also mean that we each have the blessed right to live and believe as we deem best. And the "united" part of our country's name? It should be our grateful response...and everlasting theme.

This Memorial Day, take a moment to remember those who are gone, and to thank those still alive: vets and active duty alike - because they too have willing given up their lives for the welfare of our nation.

And lastly, to all my military wife are my heroes. Some of the strongest and bravest women I will ever have the privilege to meet.  

Thank  you.

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  1. I totally agree..we need to focus on what is right with our country instead of all the negativeness!

  2. This is beautiful! I love the D-Day Memorial--my husband and I visited a few years ago when we were in Lynchburg. Thank you for this post, Kristin.


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