Monday, July 15, 2013

My Favorite Salad Herbs

Most of the time when I think of using my fresh summer herbs, I think of throwing them into an aromatic pasta dish, whirring them in a blender to make a flavorful soup, or perhaps infusing my water with them, but this year I've discovered something that I'm now quite addicted to: herb salads.

Early this spring, when all we were harvesting from our garden were mixed salad greens, I started tossing an assortments of herbs in with them and serving a simple light dressing on the side. These light, but delicious salads were a welcome addition to any meal, and were so easy to put together! No veggie chopping, just pluck off the leaves, wash, dry in a salad spinner, and serve.

I've tried lots of different combinations, but this is one of my very favorites:

What are your favorites uses for fresh summer herbs?

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  1. I've never really used fresh herbs for anything, and I'm itching to try! I've heard of lavender-infused lemonade and it sounds good. I also remember your infused waters and I bet some herbs might be good with those, too!


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