Wednesday, May 28, 2014

On Tending

It's really amazing how things, most things, can survive under some degree of neglect. Our lawns, our homes, our relationships...

But over time, weeds can begin to take over, decay can creep in, indifference can grow.

It's a lesson for me regarding such matters, when I find myself "too busy" (read: too lazy) to water or fertilize my vegetable patch for an unmentionable number of days. It's alive, yes, but spindly, parched, and strained. Then some inspired morning, I'll head out to give it a blessed drink of water, and a shot of much-needed nutrients, and lo and behold... soon the entire patch is lush, rejuvenated, and thriving again! 

A little tending. That's all it was desperate for.

What, in your life, could use a little tending today?


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  1. A little tending goes a long way! This has been a season of personal tending and it has been so good. Now I could use some friendship tending! It's too easy to coast in relationships, but I really do need to take extra time for all of my friends so that we stay close. :)


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