Friday, June 5, 2015

Happy At Home

While I am a woman who wears many hats, I am most content when I am caring for my home. I simply love the comfort found in (most of) the day-to-day business of making our nest an inviting and cozy place to be. 

A place that nourishes and restores us.

Planning, shopping for, and making wholesome meals. Folding towels. Making up the bed with crisp, sweet smelling linens. Keeping our hampers empty, and our drawers full. Watering the vegetable garden and dreaming of the fresh produce to come. Collecting armfuls of flowers from the yard to grace our tables and nightstands.

Of course, there are chores I dislike. And I find my paying jobs, more often than not, competing with my never ending housekeeping to-do list...

But when I happen upon a rare day full of the duty and delight of fluffing our little nest, I find such peace, joy, and accomplishment fills my soul once we both sit down to supper in the evening. It makes me realize again:

This is one of the callings my heart was made for.


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