Friday, April 26, 2013

How to Prepare Leeks

Leeks. Those funny, fat non-bulbous members of the onion family. I adore them in a good soup, and though they add a deliciously creamy sweet-onion taste, if not prepped properly, they can also add a rather unwelcome gritty texture to the mix.

Luckily, thoroughly cleaning out the sand found between the layers is easy as a wink! All you have to do is give the outside a good rinse, cut off the roots, then slice the white part into 1/4" rounds. Have a deep bowl filled with cool water at the ready, and throw your slices in as you separate the round layers from one another.

Swish the rounds vigorously in the water, and all the sand will sink to the bottom, while the leeks float. See?

Scoop out the rounds, drain, and add to your favorite recipe grit-free!

If you'd like a recipe to use your perfectly clean leeks in, come visit me over on She{hearts}It today where I'm sharing a yummy Creamy Spring Carrot Leek Soup!


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