Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lessons From the Garden

I planted the first early seeds of my vegetable garden last week. We're trying something new (the voles forced our hand) and giving raised beds a go. - Although, yes, we did just have a surprise snow storm on Thursday, things are finally waking up here in Virginia. The trees are starting to bloom, the grass is turning's a time for spring and renewal. -

Something about digging in the dirt had me thinking about the metaphors of life that can be found in a garden.

The whole breadth of our lives, we travel through seasons...just like the earth. Times of fruitfulness, and times of dormancy. We get lazy and allow "weeds" to crowd our days and even rob our soil (heart) of joy. There are spurts of caring for ourselves and tending to the needs of our innermost being with great attention. And often those times are when we find ourselves having the most to offer others in return as we bear our well-fed fruit. We weather some storms better than others. And we flourish best on a perfect balance of both sun-filled and rainy days.

This spring, I just wanted to encourage you to take a moment or two to think about the condition of the soil of your life, as I did that day in my little garden. Is it healthy and balanced? Or is it overgrown and crowded with weeds that you may need to remove in order to let your priorities grow? Do you need more nutrients added to the mix? Are you consciously soaking in the beauty of both the sunshine and the rain in your life?

Do you find yourself planting seeds of good things, like the Fruit of the Spirit, to make your life more lovely and fragrant to the world? Or do you have seeds of skunk cabbage happily growing in your plot that sends off an offensive odor to those around you? Gardening our lives well, like most everything else, requires intentionality.

So don't be afraid to get out there and start digging around in the dirt!


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