Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Travel: Ireland

How do you even begin to describe such a wonderful trip? I don't intend to drag every little detail out into a hundred posts, don't worry... But if any of you are planning a trip to Europe and would like more play-by-play info, feel free to e-mail me. I'd be happy to share more of what we saw, where we stayed, and what we did!

For today though, CLICK HERE to view a little slide show I put together on our trip to the Emerald Isle.
We flew into Dublin, and drove across the country (on the wrong side of the road!) to the west coast and the enchanting hamlet of Doolin. The people, music, food, and cliffs were everything we'd dreamed they would be.~ And would you believe it? The weather was delightful! In Ireland. What an unexpected gift that  was! I will say though, that you've never experienced wind until you've experienced wind in Ireland. I was quite literally blown off my feet more than once (and I have have the dirt stains on my jeans to prove it :-))!

We chose not to travel very much once we got into Doolin. Instead, we relished every moment of soaking up the heartbeat of that little community... Really experiencing Irish country life firsthand. We couldn't get enough of the breathtaking cliffs of Moher and spent several days there- we explored the Burren, and took a little trip down to Bunratty to tour the castle and enjoy their Traditional Irish Night performance. It was a fun cultural experience with delicious food and high quality performers. Definitely worth the hour+ drive!

Before we left the country, we drove over to Drogheda to visit a dear friend and her new husband, then we were headed back to Dublin the next day: bound for Tuscany...

Some highlights: the Irish breakfasts, the beautiful endless stone walls, our Innkeepers (a couple around our own age actually!) who truly welcomed us into their family, the breathtaking pastoral scenery all around Doolin, the local music, the peaceful, slower pace of life... It was all a wonderful dream - one we actually got to live awake! So, so grateful for the experience.


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