Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Around here, it's easy to get stuck in a cold drink rut. We don't drink sodas, we don't drink juices, we don't drink milk. But because of the insatiable thirst that summer evokes, we often crave nothing more than a tall glass of deliciously brewed iced tea.

Our favorite teas are loose leaf (the tea pictured here is Lavender Rose Green refreshing!), and today I thought I'd share my no-fail way of brewing the perfect batch every time.

1. Boil water.

2. Place 5 heaping teaspoons of loose leaf tea in a heat proof 2 quart container.

3. Fill container 1/4-1/3 of the way full with boiling water.

4. Cover and steep for 1 hour.

5. Pour brewed tea through a fine mesh sieve to catch all of the leaves.

6. Return to your 2 quart container and sweeten. We use 20 drops of stevia extract (an herbal sugar alternative). If you sweeten with sugar, the best way I've found to sweeten iced tea is by making a simple syrup.

7. Top off the container with fresh cool water, and refridgerate until cold.

8. Serve over ice (with lemon if desired).



  1. Perfection! Look at those gorgeous loose tea leaves. Totally the way to my heart :)

  2. This looks so good! I've been wanting to experiment with loose leaf teas. I'm going to have to try the stevia extract, as I keep hearing about it. These are beautiful pictures, too :)

  3. I could talk about how perfect this sounds. Because it does. But, seriously, your photography has really become quite a gorgeous art form, my dear friend. Seriously. So many people want to be photogs but you are THERE! When is Real Simple or BH&G going to pick you up to do shots for their mags?

  4. YUMMY! There is nothing better than iced tea on a hot day. Thanks for sharing! Also, I just wanted you to know that someone asked me to be a part of the Liebster Award which is a way to share blogs with your readers. It is fun! I nominated you as I like reading your recipes. If you'd like to participate you can go to my post about it here: Keep up the good work!



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