Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Travel: Austin, TX

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Austin, TX. 

No, I don't have family there, and it wasn't on the top of my 20-Places-To-Visit-Before-You-Die list. I went to spend some quality time with a friend. 

A friend I met through blogging.

Years ago (when we were first getting to know each other), I feel like that was still a creepy thing to the world at large. I remember my dad calling to make sure I KNEW she wasn't actually a sick male ax-murderer masquerading as an innocent female lifestyle blogger - right before I left for our first vacation together. But now, it's 2014! People no longer give you those looks when you talk about people you "met online".

In this world where it can be extremely difficult to make friends, I feel like blogging is such a wonderful way to meet and connect with people. A person's blog is like their introduction - the front page of their life. Oftentimes, you'll find out you have things in common with someone, before you've ever even spoken! You'll already have a good idea of who they are, and what makes them tick, just from reading what they share in their online space.

So today, I just wanted to encourage you to take that next step. Leave that comment, send that e-mail. Don't be afraid! Reach out to someone that you feel might just click with you. Certainly, not everyone will reach back, but when you find someone who does, who knows? It could be the beginning of a new, life-long, beautiful friendship!

And now, some places that should definitely be on your list when visiting Austin:

Mount Bonnell
 Beautiful views of the city and Lake Austin

Saltlick BBQ
I am a self-proclaimed BBQ aficionado, have sampled it around the world, and this was some of the BEST I've had. Hands down.

Hillside Farmacy
What a sweet spot to go for an afternoon coffee and chat (which is precisely what we did)! The European style cappuccino was perfection, and I loved the Austin vibe here.

Seriously? Just saying the name causes you to gain 5 pounds. But it is so, so worth a stop at this amazing trailer from heaven. Mouthgasms will happen. Just so you know.

And lastly...
Go in the springtime!
It was the perfect time of year to visit Texas. Everything was abloom, the temperatures were moderate, and Austin was at its finest.

So, after spending a week catching up, chowing down, and solving the problems of the world together, the only appropriate response was a custom made thank you card from treat. I've just recently been introduced to this company, and I LOVE the premise behind it! Completely customized cards, on fabulous quality cardstock, fair pricing, shipped directly to your recipient, OR right to you (so you can oohhh and aahhh a bit over your card before you send it ;-)), making card sending so convenient and fun! Not to mention keeping thoughtfulness, snail mail, and etiquette alive in the process. Win, win, win!

Too much fabulousness to contain I tell ya.

So head on over to treat. right now, and make someone's day by creating a card just for them! Birthday, thank you, wedding, anniversary, just because... they've got you covered.


  1. Austin always looks so hipster, like something straight off the popular posts on Instagram, LOL. I love all the little moments you captured, and that coffee from the Farmacy looks tasty. Glad you had a great time with a blogging friend!

  2. I've always wanted to visit Austin! Looks like you hit up some great stops plus got to spend quality friend time..double bonus!

  3. I'm sure you and Jenni had a LOVELY time. :) Terrific photos of your trip too! Also, I have never heard of treat, but I sure do adore that card, so... I guess I better head over and check it out!


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