Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A moment of...

One day earlier this week I was riding along in my car checking fairly mundane errands off my list, when out of the blue, I was nearly washed away by a wave of deep down, heart-filled gratitude.

Perhaps it was inspired by the people around me who are going through such terribly trying circumstances in their lives, I don't really know what prompted the flood. I just remember feeling like my heart was swelling, bursting, rolling, growing, expanding in this feeling...

I've written before about finding gems, sparkles of joy, as you go about your day, and on this day, the whole world seemed a diamond! It was so healing to realize how much I've been given...none of which I truly deserve.

A loving, devoted husband that I happen to adore
A home with heat and air conditioning
Quality food
An incredibly comfortable bed
Work that uses my talents and creativity
A car that runs well
People who care about me
Opportunities to travel
A treasure trove full of positive memories
A phone
A computer
A washer and dryer

The list rolled on and on through my head. Not just filled with the typical things we thank God for when we pray, but so many little daily conveniences, things we take for granted, things that some people will never have in their lifetime. Things we often don't even spare a second thought for.

How ungrateful and spoiled I felt in that moment! I want my life to be filled with thankfulness - not taking everything for granted, or worse, filled with entitled demands. Keeping the thought of how blessed I am at the front of my mind, really does help so many other things fall into perspective.

What are you thankful for today?



  1. Amen! We all have so much to be thankful for!! I could make a list a mile long..but I must say I'm so thankful for God's love and forgiveness, a wonderful husband, and a beautiful daughter!

  2. I have moments like this, too -- and I try to crystallize them in my mind for the days I feel down or unsure about life and where it's headed. It's so important to remember how fortunate we are, especially when it's so tempting to compare ourselves to others!

  3. Love your list! You are sooo right, we don't truly realize what simple things provide for us. Right now I am thinking about all the friends I have and how there are roads and cars and fuel to get us to be able to see each other...About my refrigerator and freezers...About opportunities to be close to my Mom and siblings, to learn new things, and to stay in touch with people far away.

  4. Hi Kristin! Thank you so much for this post. A great reminder! It's such an effective way to drastically change your mindset. I sometimes get into these really blue moods sometimes, but then when I think about all the positive things in my life, my mood starts to shift.


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