Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Operation Paint!

Once the demolition was done, it was time to start fixing things up! Before we did anything cosmetic, we hired another friend to come completely update Patty's electricity and fixtures. So now we know all the wires, lights, outlets, etc. are up to snuff. Wish we had added one more outlet, and one more light, but se la vie.

We also had a friend cut down the upper bunk to make a small storage shelf, and replaced the hole left by the stove top with a butcher-block counter slab.

After that important behind-the-scenes work was taken care of, we were chomping at the bit to paint the interior. While we knew there would be some scuffs and bumps along the way since we still had so much work to do, we really wanted to get a good coat of Kilz on her to help get rid of the old-lady smell, and after we had that up, we couldn't stop. :-) Fast-forward through some tedious hole/scuff/dent/nail patching and consequent sanding and... let's paint!!

We chose a lovely off-white called "Gray Mist" (Benjamin Moore) that we had previously used in our house for the walls, and a soft, creamy mushroom-y color for all the build-outs. We took a risk and tried out that new Glade paint add-in (Lavender Vanilla) for the first time, and I am SOOOO glad we did! It smells amazing in there now! It only lasts a short while from what I understand, but sure makes working in a confined space much more pleasant.

You'll see from the photo that we replaced the old fridge with a newer dorm fridge that we already owned.

Makes such a difference, no? Patty instantly went from "I can't wait to get out of here, it's so old and gross" to "What a lovely, serene little fixer-upper slice of camper paradise". I love the power of paint.

And for a reminder of the BP (before paint):

And after:


  1. I am planning on painting the inside of my highlander as well. Looks almost identical to yours. How in the world did you get the bunk in the back out of there?? It looks beautiful by the way!

    1. Thank you Erin! We actually didn't get the bunk out, just cut it down (at least in half-maybe more) to make it a small storage shelf.

  2. Amen to the power of paint! I am loving these updates! It looks great inside. I did have flashbacks of old lady/musty smells, though. :)


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