Friday, March 21, 2014

Operation Tiny (Boring) Details

I've resolved myself to the fact that there are LOTS of little details that will not be taken care of before our maiden voyage. And that's ok. Patty will probably always be a work in progress. To give you an idea of the minutia we've been working on lately, here are some pictures:

Patty has a LOT of metal trim. And over 40+ years, metal trim starts to get a little worse for wear. We debated taking it all out, spray painting it, aluminum paint-ing it, buffing it, or just leaving it alone. Lots of the window trim will eventually be covered by curtains, and so we decided to go the buffing route. We knew it wouldn't achieve perfection, but it sure helped!

Here's a before:

 And an after:

And a window before:

and after:

We used a combo of steel wool, and a metal brush on an electric drill to get things shiny again. SUCH a difference, right?

In slightly less exciting news, Jesse took out and butyl-taped three of the windows (so they don't leak), and replaced the broken glass in another.

And in slightly more exciting news, we also installed a punched-tin-look backsplash (don't mind the large canister of anti-bac wipes)!

Thanks for checking in on our journey! More to come...

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