Monday, March 24, 2014

Why "Patty"?

In the vintage camper world, people name their campers. By a happy coincidence, I happen to love naming things :-). Our cars are named, our lawn mower is named, our computer is named, etc....

So coming up with a name for our little Scotty was quite natural. Some of you may know that our home/land is named "Windy Poplars" (hence the blog name). It was named after the place Anne of Green Gables lived while teaching in Summerside (I've been an Anne fan since I was a little girl).- Because of the strong gusts of wind we can get living in a hollow, and as an ode to the many beautiful poplar trees we had to cut down while building our house, the named seemed a perfect fit.

Fast forward to our camper naming process, and three thousand rejected name submissions later (the huz can be a hard sell in such matters), my thoughts turned back to the Anne books. While Anne was in college, she and a few friends lived in a darling little white cottage named "Patty's Place". It was the lone matriarchal house left on a street that had since become a built up ostentatious avenue of millionaire's mansions.  Patty's Place was a sweet, small pearl among the bright flashy gems.

If you are lucky enough to be wandering through a campground and happen upon a little vintage canned ham, it looks very much like a teeny-tiny little cottage, half-buried in the sea of fancy mansions-on-wheels that cost more than our actual home!

So will be our little "Patty's Place".

A small oasis of peace and refuge. Our happy little home away from home. Perhaps without a big screen TV, recliner, or wine fridge...but our special mini cottage nonetheless. Ready to be filled with memories born from the joys that are found in simplicity.

Of course, you can call her "Patty" for short.

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